Private Residence, Hadleywood

client: Opticrealm
engineer: Peter Corcoran
status: Anticipated completion summer 2013
value: Confidential
role: Structural Engineers

This new build private residence is part subterranean in a quiet area of Hadleywood, bordering London and Hertfordshire.  It is sited on land to the rear of an existing property and is tight to the boundary line of the adjoining property.

We worked closely with the architect to provide a structure suitable to exclude water from the house and provide the large spans he wished to achieve.  We opted for a reinforced concrete structure on piled foundations.  We designed the reinforced concrete elements using a finite element design package to achieve the slab spans requested by the architect.  The concrete has a water resistant additive and the earth facing elements have an external bentonite based membrane.

To form the excavation a sheet piled wall was installed along the boundary wall.  We worked in close conjunction with the piling subcontractors to determine the permanent and temporary load and prop conditions for the sheet piled wall during the works.