Cambridge Botanic Gardens

client: University of Cambridge Estate Management
engineer: Peter Corcoran
status: Completed 2009
value: £900k
role: Structural Engineer & Contract Administrator

The glasshouses at the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens comprise a whole range of glasshouses and we undertook a three phase project to fully refurbish these structures.  The glasshouses were originally constructed in the 1930’s and were made from Teak.  Current restrictions on the use of teak meant that replacement material was sourced from demolished buildings within this country.  In many locations, the replacement teak was in fact older than the material it was replacing.

The glasshouses were carefully dismantled and all of the decayed elements of the timber were cut out replaced with replacement teak members.  The glazing was replaced and the brick plinths were all made good.

Lighting and interpretation within these spaces were also upgraded as part of the project.