Stowe House Landscaped Gardens

Stowe House Landscaped Gardens

Stowe landscape gardens are an internationally recognised and Grade I registered landscape with over 40 monuments.

The Morton Partnership was appointed as Lead Consultants for the design, development and reinstatement of a lost wooden bridge to cross the Worthies River, which in turn allowed for the completion of a lake side circuit for visitors, including access for mobility scooters in line with the Stowe Gardens strategic plan.

Historical evidence suggests that there had been a crossing point over the river, which had been depicted in a painting. This in turn provided the basic form from which we went onto to develop detailed designs to be approved by The National Trust Architectural Panel. Designed in new green oak and greenheart for durability, we suggested procuring the work in two packages of the ground works and superstructure due to the specialist nature of connections.

The bridge is in successful use with a carefully defined maintenance plan for durability, this particularly refers to maintaining the paintwork and re-painting vulnerable areas which have been detailed to have regular inspections.

Client: The National Trust